Freedom to fail: Pursuit of happiness


When has freedom changed into something that isn’t earned, but handed out? I defiantly agree with the video of freedom to fail. Today no one understands what it’s like to fail, nor would anyone agree that failure is accepted. I firmly believe that failure should be accepted and those who fail should work hard to succeed. We listen constantly on how we need to succeed from our parents, school teachers and even ourselves. So why is it that when we struggle we are handed the solution? For example, students who fail should not be placed in lower classes and be allowed to pass with a low grade. If you fail, you should try harder to succeed. You shouldn’t be satisfied with a passing grade of a D, you should pass but only if you work hard and pass with a B or an A. If you need help you should find a tutor and not just “wing it”. It’s time that we accept failure because with success comes happiness.

                I think that accepting failure can cause a threat to freedom. Many people believe very strongly in success but allowing there to be failure can cause people to not want to succeed. It would allow those who don’t work hard to have an excuse. It would allow them to accept the fact that they don’t like to work and therefore be allowed to live a normal life in society. But if we don’t do anything about failure eventually we are taking away the incentive to succeed. People who aren’t given the solution to their problems would just give up because our society has taught them that failure doesn’t exist. It doesn’t exist because our very own society has cheated away at failure. You don’t fail if you’re in school and graduate, even if you graduate at the bottom of your class. And personally I don’t think that should be allowed.

WHAT I BELIEVE, is that failure should be accepted. Yet it is not because of the way our society was built. I believe that our society has an image to uphold and because of this great image failure is not included. It has an image of strong and powerful leadership, where even the smallest of beings can capture the world. It’s all an image so that we ourselves believe in something strong. But because of this image we look down upon the people who fail. The people who can’t succeed shouldn’t be rewarded or accepted.

But failure leads to happiness. If you fail and are not given the solution, your only other option is to work hard and succeed. When you do succeed you will recognize that failure is the road to success, because with every problem you encounter, YOU will find the solution. Therefore, changing failure into success, so if you can’t succeed the first time, try and try again, until you do.

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teen moms???

What do you think of teen moms? Is it a child taking care of another child? or what is your view on it. I’ll share my story and thoughts and you guys/girls let me know what you feel about it.

I had been with my bf for about 2 years before we got preggo. I was 17 going-on 18 and the father of my son is 8 years older than me. He of course had been intimate before being with me. Me, on the other hand, hadn’t ever been with anyone. I had a couple bfs but none I had been intimate with. So time passed and we decided to keep our baby and soon after got married. It’s been a year and everyone still looks down at me. 

I love my life and son and hubby.

I got to school and will have my bachlors degree in about a year. My hubby recently bought us a house and we have our own car and are pretty much established a great life.

so what if there are teen moms? what if they are responsible? or what if they succeed? why are we looked down upon when we are doing great???

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shall we talk???

Hi to all of you who read this I wanted to ask you a question, if I may. How many of you are done with drama and unwanted crap in your family or life??


If you hate drama how do you deal with it?



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